Can Colleges See My SAT Scores?

<p>I'm so confused...
Can colleges see my previous SAT scores? even if I didn't send it to them?</p>

<p>If you don't send your scores, they don't get your scores and, therefore, don't see your scores. :)</p>

<p>they see what you ask collegeboard to send.</p>

<p>Then... I don't understand why most people say to take SAT only 3 times... Why is this.. if colleges can't see my scores??</p>

<p>^Well you still have to pay for score choice anyway for each one you wish to not show, and then taking more than 3 will be costly, and if you do show them, it looks like you didn't try as hard the first few times.</p>

<p>Some colleges want you to send everything (i.e., they do not want applicants to use Score Choice).</p>

<p>@silverturtle... Do UC's use Score Choice?</p>

<p>UCs don't use Score Choice. They want everything.</p>

<p>Well I don't know about you guys, but my SAT score was on my high school transcript. I think it's at the jurisdiction of the school district whether they include them on there.</p>

<p>^ You have the legal right to have that removed. It is a preach of privacy to include it without permission.</p>

<p>so when I registered, and I said to send my scores to these 4 top schools, and I end up getting an 1830.... I'm sort of screwed.</p>

<p>OTOH, it would look very suspicious if everyone at your school has SAT scores listed on the transcript except you. (For my school, if you want to remove one score, then you have to take all standardized test scores off of the transcript, which is unfortunate.)</p>

<p>^^Don't most schools take the highest score? You can always retake it :).</p>

<p>^^^But you were, like, a baby then, right? So, it'll be greatly overshadowed by your new 2400 or the like.</p>

<p>lol yeah I was just a baby sophomore when I took last month.
I'll do better. Have a summer full of studying.</p>

It is a preach of privacy


<p>Meant to say "breach."</p>

Then... I don't understand why most people say to take SAT only 3 times... Why is this.. if colleges can't see my scores??


<p>Because before score choice all of your scores were sent, so they could see exactly how neurotic you are.</p>

<p>Not all colleges accept score choice.</p>

<p>^ That is not an accurate way to word it.</p>

<p>In what sense?</p>

<p>It's a fact that some require you to send all your scores. Although in the end they do superscore.</p>