Can I get in somewhere without AP exams?

Hi, I am a rising senior and I really want to study in the UK for my undergraduate. The problem is I haven’t taken any AP exams. I didn’t realize they were so important in the admissions process over in the UK. I took three AP classes last year but I’m only signed up for one this year. Are there any good universities that I can get an offer from without these scores? I want to study international relations.

Here are my other stats:
GPA: 3.8 (weighted)
ACT: 30

Many UK universities will also accept SAT subject tests, and only a few require more than 3 APs - though they need to be in subjects relevant to your course. What AP scores do you have, in what subjects? what are you planning to take?

Unfortunately SAT subject tests aren’t very common in my area. I haven’t heard of anyone around where I live taking them. I haven’t taken any AP exams, just the classes. Last year I took AP environmental science, psychology, U.S. History. This year I’m taking AP American government.

You can take Subject tests wherever SATs are offered- you can look online for dates. An AP class won’t do: it is the score on the exam that matters.

If you don’t have standardized test scores, you can apply with 1 year of college (though in most cases, it won’t count towards your degree- it will just be for admission).

Another route I saw to do a Foundation course. This is a one year course designed to ge5 you to the same level as incoming first years. There are some places which offer guaranteed admission;to the full degree, or you can do it at a Different university.

one example is this one at Southampton:

You’d likely need to do a Foundation course. With no AP exam scores you’d need to take sat subject tests in Literature as well as your foreign language and us history, and score high. But that may not be enough.
Why the Uk though?

Look at the courses at Royal Holloway, Cardiff, Queen’s Belfast, Southampton, UEA, Essex, Plymouth, Brighton…

Thanks, @MYOS1634 & @Conformist1688 - forgot about Foundation courses.

Why the Uk?

Because it’s cheaper and I could get done in three years. Also it’s a great opportunity to learn about different cultures while still being in an English speaking country.

Without APs or subject tests you will need another year- either a foundation year in the UK or a year of college in the US.

Even at the University of Kent?

I wouldn’t be qualified for this program?

Yes, you are: those are foundation year programmes, that you do in lieu of having exams. The IFP (which will be heavily students whose English is not up to par) is for entry into any course (but they do not specify that a place is guaranteed- you probably have to apply as usual). The Integrated programme is only for those specific courses, none of which are close to IR.

You can take exams next May, and apply with predicted grades (even for classes that you took this year). You will not have an acceptance before July, so line up US colleges as well.

Thanks everyone for the help! Does anyone know anything about the Kaplan International Pathway program? Is it legit and a good program? Is it a good alternative to a foundation year?

It’s mostly another foundation year program. The “Year One” option is only available for Business, Computing, Engineering, and Hospitality & Tourism, and only at 7 specific unis. It is guaranteed admission to Year 2, if you qualify for it, but they aren’t courses anywhere near your interest.

Actually, the website does indicate that OP would be considered for direct admission with his/her current stats

Quote: “For entry to a Kent undergraduate degree programme, US students typically need to have:
A High School Graduation Diploma with a minimum final GPA of 3.2/4.0
PLUS one of the following:
SAT with a score of between 1290 – 1380 depending on the subject you are applying for OR
ACT with a score of between 27-29 depending on the subject you are applying for OR
3 SAT Subject Tests with cores of between 600-700 depending on the subject you are applying for OR
2 Advanced Placement (AP) tests with scores of between 4-5 depending on the subject you are applying for”

OP has above he GOA (although they may not count weighted - email to check) and ACT.

However, please be aware that they don’t actually offer straight IR at undergrad level - it’s joint with Politics.

There may be other non-elite universities which are flexible for internationals for courses with no specific subject prerequisites. If cost and time to completion is more important than prestige, OP may find a place.

Good homework, @Conformist1688