Can I get in to environmental sciences in UT Austin and TAMU with my current credentials

GPA 2.9, 6 AP classes, ACT 30, Presidential gold award, winner of Scholastic writing award, 2 months summer intern at a environmental lab experience, 200 community service award in last 2 years. Do i have any chances getting into UT Austin Environmental Sciences in school liberal arts or it is too ambitious to get in?

UT-Austin and A&M aren’t going to happen with a 2.9 GPA. Even if you got in, you really don’t want to be stuck in a liberal arts degree anyway. Employment out of college is really a function of your major, than the university. A school like Texas State or UTSA is going to offer a lot more opportunity and flexibility.

You should also look into the University of Houston or Texas Tech.

I am not looking to get in to engineering or medicine programs. I am interested in Environmental studies in school of Liberal Arts.

I am also wondering how difficult is to get into UT Austin- School of Liberal Arts- Environmental as first major and Psychology as second major or should I apply to school of Undergraduate studies for my second major? I really want to get in to UT. Any suggestions there? Thanks in advance!!

@Summer78 What is your class rank? If you can retake ACT and get 34+ it may improve your chance, you need to rank at least top 6%-7%.

ACT is 30 and waiting on the result from Oct 24th test .

Class rank is in in 26 percentile.

UT is going to be a no go for you if your class rank is 26th percentile.

FYI got into Texas A&M College Station, Environmental major.