Can I get in?

It is my dream to go to FAU. I am a junior, I have a 3.2 GPA, have done no AP’s yet,1250 on SAT, did the essay. My extracurriculars are horseback riding, taekwondo, jazz band, which I am 2nd chair out of 7 other trombone players, and I am also in the school’s top varsity band, and 2nd chair in there as well. Since sophomore year, I have gotten the highest grade possible on the Texas solo and ensemble competition, which is a 1C. I am doing state solo and ensemble this year, also. I am an out of state student, BUT I was born in Florida, and I have the Florida Prepaid college plan, which basically pays for everything, all total costs. That means I won’t be trying to seek out any sort of aid or scholarships. I’m Majoring in Music Performance. I am also Jewish and play trombone for my synagogue almost every week during and after services. FAU has the nation’s 30th largest percentage of Jews in their university, 9%. Also, I live on a hot and dry Texas ranch. I will put in my essay to them about how I have a strong work ethic because I’ve grown up on a ranch my whole life, and how having a strong work ethic has made me better trombone player. My senior year I am also taking AP English 4 and AP history. I really need to get into this school. Does anyone know if I have a shot?

Also, I would be more than happy to go to the summer term, if they needed me to.

Oh and also, I am in 2 community symphonies, and will be in 3 once September comes.

I think you should be fine, they don’t ask about extra curriculars, essays, or rec’s. Strictly GPA/Transcript Rigor and Test Scores, I’d try the ACT or improving your SAT, applying as early as possibly (August-Early October) for the best chance. They will like that you are OOS.

FAU isn’t too picky about grades, which is great, your SAT is better than mine and I got in last year with a 1070. You should be good, I currently go to FAU. You’ll love it.

Was your GPA similar to mine?

I am from Florida and people here see FAU as a safety school, 81% of the school are in state , most of the students will already know each other , if I were you , as you already see to be looking out of state schools , I would recommend looking at school who have more out of state students , so you will se a variety of people all knowing each other , most of them won’t be in dorms , because there from the neighborhood.
And you will definitely get in it is not a competitive school.

FAU is one of the four schools in Florida that offers a music education major that I will most likely get into. The others are UWF, FGCU, UNF. I can only apply to those 4 schools because I’m enrolled in the Florida Prepaid College Plan. I couldn’t care less about where I end up going to college as long as I get into one of those 4 schools, because they all have good campuses and my major of choice.