Can I get in?

<p>I live in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia. I go to Centreville High School. I'm thinking of doing ED but I'd rather not. Here are my stats:</p>

Algebra 2 Honors - A - Recieved a top student award from teacher.
English 9 Honors - B+
French 2 - B+
Biology - A
World History - A
Debate/Forensics - A</p>

Geometry Honors - A
English 10 Honors - A
French 3 - A
Latin 1 - A - Magna Cum Laude on National Latin Exam
World History 2 - A - Award
Chemistry - A</p>

Precalculus Honors - B - Placed third at school on National Math Exam
AP English Lang - A - 3 on exam
Latin 2 - A - Magna Cum Laude
AP Psychology - A - 5 on exam
US History - A
Physics - A</p>

AP Calculus AB
AP Government
AP English Lit
AP Physics
Guitar Ensemble
Music Theory</p>

National Honor Society, Math HS, was in French HS, English HS(Vice President), I won Mr Centreville Sophmore year, I won an Its Academic tourny in my school and have been in it all 4 years and I might be on TV, I volunteered at Clock Tower Thrift Store and did some other various volunteering.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.95 weighted</p>

<p>SAT: 1360/1600 2010/2400
700 V, 660 M, 650 W</p>

<p>SAT 2: Math 1 - 690 US History - 560, Im also gonna take Lit</p>

<p>Thats about it. Again I'd rather do regular but I'm afraid I wouldn't get in that way.</p>

<p>id say your in, but it depends on your race</p>

<p>also dont put that mr.centrville thing on your app</p>