Can I get into a college for FREE?!

Just out of pure curiosity, I was really wondering if there is any possibility of me getting into a school for free (not including the military schools).

Assuming I break 2000 (I currently have a 1980, 1320 two-part) on my final SAT, and knowing that I have a 3.35 high school gpa with above average ec’s and good essays, are there any traditional schools AT ALL (Trying to focus east of the Mississippi though) that I’d be able to attend without having to pay tuition?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

You said you would like to attend a college without paying tuition. What about the costs for room/board/travel/personal expenses and books?

There are certain students that can afford to attend a college for free, owing to a combination of FA from need-based aid, grants, and scholarships. Though this is EXTREMELY rare.

Like @Gumbymom said, there are other costs besides tuition that need to be covered.

What is your family’s EFC? Even students which get a combination of merit aid/FA, still have to pay some costs for personal items and travel to their home. Your GPA does not give a good chance for substantial merit aid, so unless you are low income and are able to qualify for a large amount of financial aid, I would say you do not have a good chance for free tuition at a 4 year university but maybe a CC. Do you have any solid test scores to report?

Room/board/books/etc. can be omitted. I’m asking purely about the tuition price, and with a middle-class family income of approximately 95k/year (usually not springing up generous FA amounts)