Can I get into the University of Glasglow

I know this is a little late but I still have time to apply and I was wondering if I should. I love the school but idk if i have the qualifications.

I want to study Mechatronic Engineering and I have a 3.78 uw gpa and a 4.28 w gpa (14 AP classes) but I did’t really take AP tests (I know it’s stupid) anyways I have a 1420 SAT score and 690 math 2 and 800 spanish subject test.

Can I get in with this if i apply through UCAS

Also if anyone has tips for the personal statement on UCAS I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance :))

I suggest you read the posts in the International/United Kingdom thread. Everything you need to know about Scottish unis has been spelled out there. In general, GPA is not considered, neither are ECs.
Most important are the grades for your APs and especially the grades for the APs that are related to the subject you ultimately want to study. Read through the entry requirements on the Glasgow website.