Can I get into William and Mary?

Hello! I am a rising junior from Washington and it is my dream to go to William & Mary. I was wondering if you would take a look at my stats and see if you think I have a chance.

-I have a 3.7 unweighted GPA. (it’s lower because I was dealing with a severe illness both my freshman and sophomore year. I have overcome that illness and am healthy now.) My GPA will get higher my senior year.
-I do mock trial, DECA, Speech, Track, and cross country. I have been to state in Mock Trial, DECA, and Speech. I have qualified for nationals in DECA and Speech. I have received my varsity letter in cross country.
-I will have taken 4 AP courses and 4 honors courses throughout high school
-I have 4 years of Spanish
-I did a lot of professional theater and dance before high school

Do you think I would be a good fit?

Thanks for your responses!

Hello, I actually got accepted to William & Mary but am attending another school. I can tell you what stats are generally accepted and give you some tips on how to get in! So the average unweighted gpa accepted is around a 3.8 which you are a little behind in. But thats okay! Just make sure your SAT or ACT is higher than their average. Their average SAT score is around a 1350 so try break the 1450’s or even better, 1500s. Another tip, your extracurriculars are good, but try to increase your class rigor junior and senior year. Take more ap courses and honors. William and Mary lives the liberal arts so its good you are doing theater. Another tip, when writing your essay to apply; make sure to write about something fun! William & Mary has this reputation of being boring and serious, they want students to showcase an innovative and fun side.

P.S: Not many kids do this, but William & Mary has a secret dimension in their application process. Most students usually submit two dimensions: high school stats and the essay. But William & Mary has a third one most people do not know about it: the interview. Sign up for a tour + interview at William and Mary! This will show your heavy interest in the school and allow you to be prioritized. So when you apply, make sure to apply early decision that way you show you prioritize the school and they actually have a higher acceptance rate for early decision applicants. Then try your best to get your gpa up to at least a 3.75-3.8 and have an SAT score of at least 1480.

Good luck with the College Admissions process, a piece of advice I want to give you is do not limit yourself. Do not have the mentality of “Oh I probably won’t get in”. You are smarter than think you are, give it your all and you will be fine. Good luck with your junior year of high school and the college admissions process. I wish you the best!!

Hi I go to W&M and the best advice I can give is to really sell the fact that you want to attend W&M. They give preference to the students that want it more (admissions said this during a Q&A) Take the most challenging courses you can take and explain any bad grades by saying you struggled with mental illness/whatever your reason is. Also at the Q&A they directly said they accepted a student with a bunch of Fs senior year that explained their circumstances but have rejected a student with Cs that had no explanation for their drop in grades. My essay was the reason I was waitlisted at first and then I transferred to W&M after attending community college (which is very common, a lot of girls in my sorority transferred to W&M)

How do you know that your essay is the reason you did not get in to W&M? Just curious!

My supplemental essay just wasn’t good lol I wrote it just to submit something but I’m sure that was obvious to the person reading my application. It’s also harder for out of state students to get in. When you have a lot of students with great GPA and great SAT, what makes the difference between the students are the essays and mine just didn’t shine enough which is okay because I still go here lol

Hi! Thanks for your reply! I am trying to show my interest as much as possible. To do this I did:

-Applied ED
-Attended 4 info sessions
-Did an interview with the regional dean
-Attended a class open to prospective students
-Went to Alumni weekend
-Did the for students by students panel
-Attended a virtual fall focus day
-Emailed head of mock trial team and regional dean
-made a video for the school where I sing and dance to Broadway musicals about how much I love the school
-Visited the school in person

Do you think that will help? Is there anything else you recommend doing? I am literally IN LOVE with this school. Words can’t explain how badly I want to go.