Can I put down the AP Capstone program as an extra-curricular on the Common App?

I participate in the AP Capstone program at our school and have completed the AP Seminar course for my junior year and will be finishing the AP Capstone program by taking AP Research for my Senior year. I have heard numerous people placing down AP Capstone as an extra-curricular while some don’t. We do spend a lot of time on our research papers for the AP Seminar class outside of school. I just needed some clarifications as to whether or not I can put down the AP Capstone program as one of my extra-curricular on the Common App. Thank you so much for your help!

The textbook definition of EC is that it is outside the curriculum. So no, it’s not an EC.

That is called “homework.”

No. AP Capstone is a series of classes, not an EC. The work done outside of class for Capstone is equivalent to homework for other classes.

I am not putting it down for myself, since it is part of the course requirement