Can I put my blog as an EC on my college resume?

<p>Around eighth grade to maybe the middle of sophomore year I was obsessed with writing and publishing a book. I wrote a novel, networked with agents, and got a group of other teen writers who wanted to get published to build a teen writers' site with me. </p>

<p>We made blog posts about the writing process, interviewed YA authors and literary agents, etc...basically, it was a very professional blog, designed by/for teens. No cuss words or any inappropriate material of that sort. Some authors linked to us, and we started getting hits.</p>

<p>After we relocated to a new domain, things died down and a lot of the originals left. There's a new system in which anyone can post, as long as you email it to an admin. The question is, would it be alright to say that I am a founder and administrator of the site, even though I've left? </p>

<p>I want to say that I've been doing it from eighth grade to senior year, but I would have to start posting again, of course. Is that alright, if there's a gap in between?</p>

<p>**Oh and I'm not sure if it's a college resume. I've just been calling it that for the past few months. I guess the correct term would be "college app."</p>

<p>Bumping this up lol</p>

<p>of course- I knew someone who put "family dinners" on their resume (they're now at GWU, if that says anything)</p>

<p>Certainly as long as you describe what it is. It would carry more weight if you reached some sort of benchmark so that you could call it a successful blog so describe those. Otherwise I could just make a blog today and say on my college app that I'm a blogger...this wouldn't carry any weight.</p>

<p>I would definitely include that! Agreeing with dblazer though, add a lot of detail so the colleges understand its depth.</p>

<p>What kind of benchmark would we be talking about? Interviews, hits, significance to those in the publishing world? Some founders have upcoming/published books. We keep up with other published teen authors/non-teen authors via interviews and guest blogs.</p>

<p>I feel that this is my only "extraordinary" EC.</p>