Can I write my common App Essay about animals?

So i’m really passionate with animals and captive animals is a topic that i would love to discuss, i just don’t know if it’s the right one.

Can you tell your story through the topic ?

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Can you explain the topic a little further?

Is animal rights activism your passion? Do you want to become, for instance, an animal rights activist? Do you see a connection between this, and what you want to study in school? If yes, if this is your main interest, then I think you could write a decent essay about this. Just make sure that you draw a connection between your interest, and what you can study in college, how this will help you to achieve your goals.

I think of Temple Grandin, who felt a strong connection with livestock, and went on to design humane and stress-free slaughterhouses for beef cattle. Or Jane Goodall, whose studies of chimpanzee behavior greatly deepened our understanding of chimpanzees, and by analogy, ourselves. If your passion is ending animal captivity, or greatly improving the lives of captive animals, I think that it could possibly shine through in an essay that shows a lot about your passion for animal rights or animal welfare.

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