can you choose any of your classes freshamn year?

<p>I need to take bio 161 to switch from food science to nutrition, the other 2 classes I need look like they'll already be assigned to me =) But instead of bio 161 on the flow chart it says bio 111, could I change that at soar? Thanks!</p>

<p>Yes you can most likely change at SOAR and also when Pass is open closer to the fall quarter. My son was blocked into 12 units at SOAR but they forgot to give him any math class. And he's an engineering major! You can just wait till student registration opens back up for the fall quarter, or if you have any problems call your major's department and they can help you.</p>

<p>Yeah, you can add classes during open registration. I think incoming freshmen get to access open reg before everyone else. Just be careful which class(es) you add. Don't pick anything you can't handle. Research the teacher on polyratings. And I learned this the hard way- unless you are like number 88 on a waitlist, do not get off the list. They will tell you to, but if you still want to try to get into the class, or think you may change your mind, stay on the list. There is a decent chance you can get into the class.</p>

<p>How many classes do freshmen usually take and roughly how many units does that translate into? Is it about 3-4 unites per class? Also do freshmen normally take mainly GE classes?</p>

<p>wait i haven't received anything about registration?!</p>

<p>Freshman usually take 12-16 units or 3-4 classes. There are some 1 or 2 unit classes, so you could end up with say 15 or 17. As a freshman, you begin taking classes that fulfill your major requirements as well as GE's. So if you are a biology major, for example, you would take some bio classes throughout the year that would count toward your major, in addition to taking some GE's, such as English or History. Freshman don't really have to worry about registering. If you want to add a fourth class, you can do so towards the end of august. You can find the date and time you can access open registration by looking on the portal.</p>