Can you COOK?

<p>Just to find out how many of us can cook, and how many of us are thankful for moms cooking/dads cooking/meal plans/ramen and microwaveable meals.</p>

<p>I can cook/make: omelettes, brownies, guacamole, grilled cheese, salad, roasted pumpkin seeds, uhhhh that's it</p>

<p>Oh and like microwave oatmeal, mac and cheese, etc . .</p>

<p>I hate cooking and never cook, but I just love food, especially the one that my mom prepares.
My parents always tell me that I have to learn to cook so that when I go to college food won't be an issue, But I tell them thank god we have Burger King :P</p>

<p>I make fish sticks.</p>

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<p>I've watched my parents cook all my life, so I could probably cook, but I never really tried to cook anything serious.</p>

<p>And plus, cooking really isn't that hard, not with the Internet and online recipe books ...</p>

<p>I do a lot of cooking. Chicken parmesan, casseroles, deserts, steamed muscles with sauce, you name it!</p>

<p>I do nearly all my cooking. but all that consists of is steaming things or putting meat in a slow cooker :D.</p>

<p>I LOVE COOKING! I usually cook for my family on weekends. Specialities: apple pie and cheesecake (rly funny cuz i dont even like cheesecake, i make it for my dad, lol). I'm more into baking, though I've been trying to cook more actual meals. Will make lasagna next week :)</p>

<p>I can cook rice, colored rice, beans, mac and cheese, spaghetti, french fries, omelette etc.......</p>

<p>I freaking love cooking. My favorite is Italian food. (I wish I was italian just for the food!) I'm in love with pasta! I want to open my own restaurant one day and I want to go to culinary school. But mother dearest isn't too happy about that. But she doesn't seem to complain when I make dinner... :)</p>

<p>I can cook ramen noodles. And that's basically the extent of my culinary skills.</p>

<p>I can open a bag of chips...I call that cooking.</p>

<p>I'm not a woman.</p>

<p>Just kidding. (About the me being a woman part.)</p>

<p>My mom says I should learn to cook so I'm never dependent on anyone else.</p>

<p>I can't really cook besides the basics, but I can back really good cupcakes, cake, cookies, and blondies from scratch</p>

<p>Cereal and Ramen</p>

<p>I have been cooking for about three years. One summer ago I took a course at Johnson and Wales here in Charlotte. I considered it as a profession but have finally come to the conclusion that it will do it as a hobby instead.</p>

<p>I have zero idea how to use anything in the kitchen so no, I do not know how to cook. Though I wish I could but it just isn't for me.</p>

<p>I can cook or bake many things if I have a recipe in front of me. Without that, I can make some basic things like pasta, eggs, grilling, cookies, brownies, etc.</p>

<p>i cook swag</p>

<p>seriously, i can cook, but only a bit. i usually make dishes along the lines of pastas, lasagnas, steaks, ribs and such. i can also make a lot of breakfast food, as well as a bunch of desserts. </p>

<p>i've been trying out more complex stuff now that I have an idea of the basics. as of now, i'm trying to improve the basics with a cookbook by the name of ad hoc. after that, i'm not sure, but cooking is definitely a hobby.</p>

<p>I can pretty much cook white rice, brown rice, yellow rice, and pretty much any rice you name it.</p>