Can you get an MFA with a BIS degree?

<p>Hello, I'm trying to transfer to another school closer to my home ,but they don't offer BFAs they offer BISs (Bachelor of Independent Studies) I was going to apply for NYU after I finish getting my degree. Will this hinder me of getting one or any MFA for theater? What will this degree do for me oppose to the BFA?</p>

<p>Usually most grad schools just need a bachelor's degree or equivalent to one (if you are an international). Here it is from NYU website:</p>

<p>What are your admissions requirements?
Each applicant to Graduate Acting must have received a Bachelor's Degree, or be scheduled to receive one prior to Fall admission (on RARE occasions, exceptions to this rule may be made). Applicants must apply via Graduate Admissions, pay the application fee and audition at one of our scheduled audition dates.</p>

<p>Oh, so it doesn't matter if it's a BFA or not as long as it is a degree geared toward action? Or, it just doesn't matter just as long as you've got your bachelors?</p>

<p>Acceptance into an Acting MFA program is based on auditions. You COULD have any degree but you must be able to wow them at the audition, and that usually means that you have studied acting, one way or another.</p>

<p>MFA programs are even more selective then auditioned BFA programs.....extraordinarily selective. The odds of acceptance are very, very tough, especially for girls.</p>

<p>Lots of people don't even apply to MFA programs until they are out of college and have some years of performance experience under their belts. The programs tend to favor this sort of applicant.</p>