Canadian Schools

<p>Are any internationals applying to Canadian schools? McGill just accepted me but i don't know that much about the school except that it's massive and well-respected. I haven't finished my PSE for Queens and I'm not sure if I will since I already got into McGill but how do you think Queens compares to McGill in academics and prestige?</p>

<p>Hey, i live in canada but im not all that familiar with canadian schools. but i do know McGill is a very well-respected school, one of the best in canada (along with U of T, UBC) with great research facilities and faculty, some nobel laureates. queens is more known for humanities, i believe, but isnt as 'prestigious' as mcgill id say. hope that helps</p>

<p>Hello, which university would you say would be better for commerce, Mcgill or Queens?</p>

<p>for commerce Queens is definitely better specially their accounting program...but I'd still go to McGill because of the prestiege</p>

<p>Queens is also a highly respected school in Canada. The environment between Kingston (Queens) and Montreal (McGill) is very different though, but both are excellent schools. </p>

<p>What are you planning on studying? Queens for instance is highly regarded for commerce, and I've heard their engineering program is also top-notch. Meanwhile McGill is known for its sciences.</p>

<p>I was actually interested in commerce so ill apply to queens as well. But which one would be better recognized internationally?</p>

<p>McGill definitely</p>

<p>i plan on studying history and politics - does anyone know if McGill excels in those programs? </p>

<p>I'm still waiting to hear from my US schools so I'm not making a decision yet but it's nice to know that McGill is one of my options.</p>

<p>I think Queen's and Toronto are better known for history and politics than McGill. While Toronto's overall strength is well known, Queen's seems to be so underrated here on CC. Does anyone know that Queen's has alway been considered one of the top three schools in Canada, and is a pioneer in diverse disciplines such as art conservation, policy studies, and engineering physics? It is not just known for humanities, and has a better reputation across the country than UBC. </p>

<p>While Queen's Commerce grads do better on the CA exit exam than students from any other school in the country, Queen's Commerce is not a strong accounting but a strong finance program. The students do so well because they are such outstanding students, despite the school's finance orientation. (I believe recent statistics shows that 95% of the students pass the exam on their first attempt). No, I would not take McGill Commerce over Queen's Commerce. That would not be sensible.</p>

<p>Disclaimer: I did not attend any of these schools mentioned here.</p>

<p>McGill would be better if you plan on going to business school for your masters outside canada...McGill's commerce program might not be as good as Queens' but the top Canadian and American recruiters come to McGill</p>

<p>If you want name recognition from "man on the street" outside Canada, McGill is a better choice. If you want to impress those who are important to your future, the story is very different. Queen's is well known among leading business schools and recruiters. I personally know of two that went to Wharton and one to Chicago. One of them told me that Canadians accepted into Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton tend to come from McGill and Queen's, for whatever reason.</p>

<p>Not only do top firms go to Queen's, they hire. I know folks went to Morgan Stanley, Goldman, and McKenzie just off the top of my head. You do, however, need to be good to get an interview; it is not easy to standout among the "commies".</p>

<p>The true competition is Western's Ivey. Because of Ivey's strong alumni network, it has an edge in recruiting. I heard from recruiters, however, that while Ivey grads interview better, commies perform better on the job.</p>

<p>Some thing missing in the debate is educational experience. Queen's has no competition here. Administration is responsive to the undergrads like no other leading Canadian school. The business school is "rich" and the facility is state-of-the-art and gorgeous. Finally, while the MBA program is a money-maker, even the school admits that the B Comm is their "flag-ship" program.</p>

<p>I have seen similar debates on other schools. Since Yale is a "better" school than Penn, should I go to Yale SOM over Wharton? After all, outside the US, most people think Penn is a state school. How about choosing between Dartmouth and Berkeley? Outside the US, we all know about Berkeley, but how many know Dartmouth?</p>

<p>For those who are really smart, Queen's theoretical physics is for you. I know one who is in Stanford grad school right now. For those who enjoy pain, try Queen's offerings in engineering physics. Those folks take almost all the same courses physics majors do, and the engineering workload on top as well. Lethal.</p>

<p>Did I say MacKenzie? It is McKinsey. Sorry. LOL</p>

<p>Alright, so I guess it makes alot of sense. Queen's Commerce will put you at the top of the social ladder in Canada. But I'm from America and I would like to keep my options open, perhaps America, Europe or Canada. The thing is, I've heard bad things about McGill commerce, not only does it have relatively mediocre ranking in FT, business week, Forbes, etc., but apparently management program is a running joke even at McGill. So why would American recruiters come to McGill commerce? What is the best option for someone like me who wants the luxury of having open options. (I've been accepted to both Queen's business and Mcgill btw)</p>

Outside the US, we all know about Berkeley, but how many know Dartmouth?


<p>lol personally i though it was the exact opposite, since Dartmouth is an ivy while Berkeley is some state U</p>

<p>McGill --- Internationally rated</p>

<p>Queen's -- nationally famous</p>

<p>McGill definitely is the best one</p>

<p>I have heard many Canadians say that Queens is very overrated? Is this true?</p>


<p>Are you top-notch academically? If you are sure you can rank near the very top at Queen's Commerce, I would go there because many top companies recruit there, but they are only interested at students who are on the Dean's List. If not, McGill would be a safer bet for more "pedestrian" occupations (outside of Canada).</p>

<p>I would say that Queen's is overrated the way Dartmouth is overrated. Neither is famous for research output, which is where international rankings seem to focus.</p>

<p>^just wondering can you tell me the difference between UofT B Com and Co-op management? whicn one has better job prospects?</p>

<p>Sure. </p>

<p>B Com is awarded at the St. George campus (downtown) and also the old Erindale campus (I don't remember the new name) at the outskirt of Toronto (northwest). The degree is linked to the Rotman school, although I suspect the undergrads got little or no attention from the school or faculty.</p>

<p>The co-op option is offered at the Scarborough campus (east of Toronto) and the degree is a BBA. The co-ops are mainly in accounting. While the pass rate on the UFE can not match Queen's or Schulich, the top students from the BBA are among the best in the country. (Think east Asians)</p>

<p>At one time the B Com at St. George is more prestigious, but now admission standards are about the same with the BBA. It appears that B Com from the Erindale campus is now the least appealing.</p>

<p>This is important because the college you attend within the U of T is permanently on the diploma. The most competitive colleges are downtown (Trinity, then University, Victoria etc).</p>

<p>So, if you like accounting and are good at it, go for the BBA. If not, I think a B Com from one of the colleges on St. George is a better choice.</p>

<p>I know that I have my chances at Mc Gill,Queens and U of T because I have only As at O level and A level exams. These universities are too expensive for me and this is why I am considering university of Ottawa. I have some family living in Ottawa. What do you guys think of U of Ottawa.Will I have a promising career and good job prospects if I go there?</p>