Canadian Universities! Dilemna!

<p>My friend was recently accepted to both York University (Glendon campus) and University of Toronto. She would like to study international relations.</p>

<p>Which school would give her the best diploma?</p>

<p>U of Toronto has a better reputation than York U as a whole, but Glendon campus is supposed to be very well known for IR.</p>

<p>Also, she has been accepted to IR at York, whereas she would be studying Humanities at U of Toronto.</p>

<p>Thoughts are greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>That doesn't mean she cannot switch her major and get into the IR stream at U of T. Tell her to go to U of T, hands down! There is this program called Trinity One at Trinity College within U of T that focuses specifically on International Relations, Law & Ethics. To get into that program, you'll have to be within the top 25. With that being said, her classes will be smaller than high school classes, so she'll receive one on one attention.</p>

<p>If she's doing her BA it doesn't matter that much where she goes reputation wise. U of T is reputable but she wants smaller classes, she should go for the other one. I was in the exact same boat in I think U of T is ridiculously iovercrowded ans focused heavily on their MA programs (the IR progam on that lelel is supposed to be great btw).</p>