Canadian Universities

<p>I want to go to University in Canada, especially in McGill and I have a few questions.</p>

<p>I heard it was impossible to get into pre-med if you're not Canadian.</p>

<p>I do hold Canadian citizenship and studied in Quebec until secondaire 5, but I've been in an American International School in Asia for most of my high school. 10-12. How do they view that? Do they view me as an american or a canadian with the same chances of getting in the program?
I heard that Canadian universities did not care about college essays, is this true?
I haven't found one for McGill and I'm also interested in McMaster, U of T, UBC.</p>

<p>I've heard various conflicting information about SAT scores, some say they don't really care, but some say they have a certain requirement. Which is which?
I know it's a lot of questions and many of you will absolutely murder me for it, but thank you.</p>

<p>The problem is that my score in secondaire 5 in Quebec is complete rubbish.
So I don't know what my chances are right now.
My GPA average is 3.79.
My APs are:
Econ Micro: 4
Econ Macro:5
Bio (self-study):5
Pysch(Self-study): 5
With AP Chem, AP ENG, AP CALCULUS AB/BC and AP World History this year.
My SAT scores are undetermined.</p>

<p>Requirements vary at each Canadian school. You will need to check each website.</p>

<p>At McGill, since you are coming out of an American (even in Asia) high school, you will be evaluated as an American applicant, regardless of citizenship. McGill does require SAT/ACT from American applicants and there are minimum cutoff scores posted on the website. McGill does not require essays, EC’s references for admission but they are required for major scholarships.</p>

<p>As for admission to pre-med, there are no restrictions. Admission to medical school itself in Canada may be an issue for you. Canadian medical schools reserve the vast majority of seats for residents of their province. If you were born in Quebec, you may be able to establish Quebec residency. Rules for establishing residency can be very strict otherwise.</p>

<p>Thank you.
If pre-med does not work, what can of major or courses should one apply to in order to get a good shot a medical in Canada?
I can apply for residency.</p>