<p>any canadians in the house? Let's have a discussion!! I find it so different between American students and Canadian students in terms of SAT marks, marks, ECs, etc.</p>

<p>hi, I'm Canadian.</p>

<p>Here I am, I only wanted to post a smiley:), but it wont let :(</p>

<p>Go Flames Go! </p>

<p>But yah:</p>

<p>SAT I: 720 M, 650 V, 1370 total</p>

Biology: 720
Math IIc: 790
Writing: 690</p>

<p>In general, I'd say Canadians are at a slight disadvantage because they're not exposed to all the SAT-talk and hype early on that you get in the US since not many Canadians really think about going to the US for undergrad. It's more of a personal endeavour rather than a publicly talked about thing. At least, that's my view of it.</p>


<p>Oh I forgot to post my stas</p>

<p>SAT I : 780 m, 770 v 1550 total</p>

Math IIC - 800
Chemistry- 800
Writing - 780</p>

<p>I totally agree, because Americans start training really early..don't they even have time in school to study? But plus, Canadians don't have an advantage over any other internationals perhaps cuz we're close enough to the States.</p>

<p>well we do sometimes have an advatage in financial aid at some schools like Columbia</p>

<p>My sister who lives in Toronto says that the only privilege Canadian's get is that of paying US tuition rates. That said, her son just started Harvard. No financial aid despite need that would have gotten an American aid. Son ranked high nationally in everything.</p>

<p>Hi, can you all describe to me how it is like living in Canada? (socially, economically, education, political, etc)
I've always wondered. :)</p>

<p>why, do you think we all live in igloos or something?</p>

<p>we don't. - _ -;; and we don't have a pet beavers either.</p>

<p>i'm canadian! i'm from toronto. =)</p>

<p>"I LOVE CANADA!" --says the Chinese girl from Newfoundland. But obviously, I'm perfectly inclined to be a hypocrite ;)</p>

<p>SAT I
800 m, 800 v</p>

<p>Ah, the US. It is all about the financial aid for my parents. That's why I gave up on the Ivies... So where are you all applying?</p>

<p>Canada's very similar and different from the US. On one hand, you see almost all the same TV shows except we have channels like CBC, CTV, etc. The US is always a prominent issue in Canada next to the weather :). </p>

<p>It's safe to say Canada is a lot safer. The cities are cleaner, except St.John's in Newfoundland. Economically, Canada isn't as rich. You just don't have as much capital as you would in the US but its kinda balanced out because we have a lot more social and government haelth programs. </p>

<p>Education is definitely better in my opinion. There's a lot more funding for it and the curriculum's are a lot more involved and Canadian students frequently do the best in worldwide tests.</p>

<p>Canada is a lot more liberal fortunately than the US with the exception of Alberta where I am.</p>

<p>"The cities are cleaner, except St.John's in Newfoundland."</p>

<p><em>looks out window</em> --lol, yep.</p>

<p>lol no I like Newfoundland. I was there for the national science fair in May. It's too rocky and old-looking for my taste though. I like the prairies better :).</p>

<p>Canadians stand rougher chances?</p>

<p>1420--730 verbal, 690 math...</p>

<p>Applying to Chicago...</p>

<p>I don't think Canadians stand a rough chance...I know many people with "subpar" stats who got into Ivies and other top 25 schools.</p>

I live in Canada, and what life is like really depends on your political beliefs. I am very conservative and thus don't like our liberal government at all. That's also why I'm planning to study and maybe even move to the US. Otherwise, a few differences include:
-alcohol can only be bought in state licensed stores (unlike in the US)
-we only have a few (5) major banks
-we pay much higher taxes
-large immigrant population</p>

<p>Aluka I think you can buy alcohol anywhere in Quebec, but that is Quebec
also all kids need to study French for some time (i had it all the way from 1-9 when it was a requrement)
the cleanness I'd say isnt that great, especially after seeing Vienna this summer</p>

<p>go Wings go, who can like the hopeless Leafs anyway</p>

<p>Of course, the biggest BONUS of living in Canada (for a college student at least) is the lower drinking and gambling ages (18 in Quebec and BC--not sure about BC--and 19 eveywhere else).</p>

<p>Actually, in Quebec, beer is sold everywhere, along with some cheap wine. Everything else you have to buy from the SAQ stores (Societe d'Alcools de Quebec).</p>

<p>And I don't think that Canada's government will really make a difference in your daily life...whereas in the States, I'd be worried about INS and FBI guys showing up at my door and throwing me in prison.</p>

<p>i never really understood how people get so excited over a lower drinking age. - _ -;; i never get the urge to drink, even though my parents don't really care.</p>

<p>and yeah, we all have to take french until grade 9--then you can start choosing other languages. i'm taking latin. =)</p>