Candidate Profile/Extracurriculars Questions

Lots of questions!!!
When do we submit candidate profile, some told me summer, some people say before your interview, others during application. When?!?

I am on the edge of accomplishing a few mentionable things, but they aren’t fully completed enough to provide on candidate profile this summer. Is there any other place to put these accomplishments on my application even if my profile is submitted already?

Is there some other place we go to put these in our applications? Or am I stuck putting EVERYTHING on candidate profile? I thought the purpose of it was just as an intro about me.

If I understand what you are asking, the candidate profile is generally used to match you to a tour guide with your interests when you visit and to give the interviewer some background. It may also be used for targeted outreach, perhaps from a coach or someone linked to a special interest.

The application itself - complete with all awards etc - will be used by the admissions team.