Cannot add on Commonapp?

<p>Is there a reason why I cannot add W&M to my list of colleges on the commonapp?</p>

<p>I was able to add it to my Common App
Try typing in College of William & Mary. That's how mine comes up.</p>

<p>I was typing in William and Mary, College of William and Mary and those weren't showing up for me.</p>

<p>OK, I typed the College of William and Mary the first time. Thanks! Another thing is that when I added the college (also with UVA) the deadline says "Deadline: N/A until term is assigned", why is that? I said Fall 2011 when I searched for it.</p>

<p>maybe because the deadline for applications has not been officially released yet? It is still summer at W&M. If the admissions people get a vacation, I'm sure it is now, since in the fall they travel around to schools, and then they have to start looking at applications. Someone from W&M probably has to go to CommonApp and set the official dates, because they could change from year to year, ya know? I mean, in practice, the dates don't change much... but they could, and the schools need the option to change them if they want to.</p>

<p>For anyone who's having trouble adding us on CommonApp, just type in William and we'll pop up. If you use "and" insteand of "&" we will not pop up.</p>

<p>Our admission deadlines are published (Nov. 1 for early decision and spring transfers, Jan. 1 for regular decision and March 1 for fall transfers) but my guess is it's not working on CommonApp yet because our Supplement isn't ready and you won't be able to submit your application to W&M until that Supplement is ready.</p>

<p>Yeah that's what I figured. When exactly will the supplement be on the commonapp?</p>

<p>We do not yet have an exact date when the Supplement will go live because several parties are involved. It will be sometime in September.</p>

<p>Our web site, Facebook, and Twitter sites will all be updated to let our applicants know when the Supplement is live.</p>