can't get teacher reached in summer time

<p>My D is applying a rolling base private school to enter this fall. The application need 3 rec letters from Math, English, Guidance counselor or principal from his current school. Since all the teachers are off for summer I sent out emails to them about 6 weeks ago. Only math teacher replied and mailed rec letter, others never response though I sent follow-ups twice. The school we are applying can only make decision towards a completed application. How can I reach the teachers in summer time? Should I forward the emails to the private school to let them know the situation? thank you very much for your input.</p>

<p>Some teachers (like me!) only check their work email sporadically in the summer. Try calling the guidance counselor or principal and explaining the situation; while they may not be able to release the teachers' home info. , they could probably alert them to check their email.</p>

<p>thank you classicalmom. Since I didn't hear from the guidance counselor for 6 weeks, I called school and someone in main office told me everyone is out and she suggested me to email principal and vice principal for help. So I did about one week ago, but no one reply me. I explained this situation to applied school, they said they will wait more time see if the letter will come. I think I'll send out reminder anyway.</p>

<p>That's a tough one. If the principal is in the building in the summer (most are), can you stop by? Maybe an in-person visit is needed to get the wheels rolling. How frustrating for you--I hope it all works out!</p>

<p>I agree. But some teachers are starting to report back to school (at least here) so it may be useful to keep trying now that classes are starting up again.</p>

<p>Also - note we encountered two things - one teachers who resented we were trying to leave (until we explained it wasn't a reflection on them) and teachers who delayed the rec's because they thought sending our child away was a punishment (she explained it wasn't).</p>

<p>Teachers are often taking time off "mentally" to deal with home issues and some semblance of life. I'm sure the BS will understand. Good luck.</p>