Careers from a BFA Acting?

<p>What to expect from a BFA Acting of NYU Tisch?</p>

<p>no guarantees; it's what you make of it...</p>

<p>This older thread might give you some insight. I agree there are no guarantees but lots of possibilities, whether your degree is from NYU or another program. Connections to the industry and in NYC are some of the benefits of NYU but again, don't guarantee future success. </p>

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<p>Long ago, I received my BFA in acting from Boston University. Among the students I attended school with are: Geena Davis, Alfre Woodard, David Garrison, Jason Alexander, Daniel Marcus, Jerry Levine and Zach Grenier -- if you don't know their names, google them and find out who they are. </p>

<p>Almost as importantly though, are the actors I know that dropped out of the acting profession and found their own way to a successful career in show business: Nina Tassler (President of CBS Entertainment), Tara Jane Rubin (Broadway Casting Director), Scott Evans (founder of TACT Theater in NYC), Jim Simpson (founder of the Flee Theater in NYC).</p>

<p>As northdad said: "no guarantees; it's what you make of it..." That's true of NYU or anywhere else you attend.</p>