Carleton RD 2024

I didn’t see a RD 2024 thread for Carleton, so I thought I’d start one.

My DS got an email saying that RD letters are going to be coming out on March 20, at 8pm. Good Luck everyone!

Good luck everyone!! ?

Hello everyone, have your application checklists disappeared from the student portal?

@CallMeBio yes.

Thank you @djs2020

Hey, can someone please post the content of the entire email they got telling about the decision date and time? Please!

My name, thanks for your interest in Carleton. We’re in the midst of reading applications and are taking a quick break to give you an update on your file.

First of all, your application is complete and in order. We’re giving it a thorough review and plan to post the decision on your applicant status page on March 20 at 8:00pm (Minnesota time). We’ll also put old-fashioned decision letters in the mail, but if you can’t stand the suspense, you’re welcome to log in and see the decision online.

And now? It’s time to wait. To pass the time, maybe you’d like to bust some bubbles or contemplate the cosmos? Do a little home cooking or get out for a run? Perhaps you’d prefer to sharpen the mental calculator, add another shelf to your library or seek perfection in a beautifully mindless game of putt-putt? Whatever your speed, we hope you find a moment to kick back and relax. There’s nothing left to do now but wait.

Inhale. Exhale. You’ll be hearing from us soon.

Carleton College Admissions

I’m nervous for Friday ngl

I didn’t get the email @djs2020

You probably got it and didn’t notice. It was a while ago (maybe March 1?) so check your spam folder.

Waitlisted at Colby… plssssss pull through Carleton

Received acceptance package in the mail today.

35 ACT, 710 math 2 and 720 chemistry for SAT Subject Tests
WA resident
Top 10% of class
Applied for Physics / Political Science

Best of luck to everyone who applied!

Son got an acceptance in the mail today. Good luck everyone!

Asian male
ACT 34
5 APs (5,5,5,4,3 (BC calc, subscore4)
SAT sub tests 780,770,750
Merit Finalist
ECs in music, research
Applied for ecology/bio.

I really wanna get in… would be very appreciative if u guys could pray for me

@honestlyidek Pray for you and for my son!

today’s mail came already, no letter of acceptance.

Its out! goodluck everyone!!

I got in! Has anyone heard about Strong/Fritch Scholars?

White male
Rural West
ACT 36/4.0 UW GPA
10 APs (All 4+), 6 this year, National AP Scholar
SAT II: Math 2 (800) and Biology E (780)
National Merit Finalist plus some state awards for youth ACT
ECs: First Chair All-State Music plus some water management research I founded and Varsity XC/Track with miscellaneous community service
Applied for Chemistry

Son got in!

Biology/Biological Science
ACT 35, 3.96 UW GPA
EC genetics research
Interviewed with Alumni