Carnegie Mellon Admissions Fall 2022

Applying to Carnegie Mellon in 2022? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.


Does CMU, aka The Nerd Farm, request Fall semester grades for RD applicants? Since they don’t send notifications until April, I would not be surprised. We have not, however, seen a request for an updated transcript.

I almost wish they did, since Thing #1 is pulling straight As, including AP Chem, AP Bio and AP Stats.

I believe the school counselor sends in the mid-year report.
Hopefully they send the updated transcript as well.

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My S22 has a lower SAT 1400, still have a chance to get in CMU? He has GPA4.78 and ACT 33. I heard lot of applicants this year, it is hard to get in. Is that true?

What major?

Here is the latest Common Data Set available for Carnegie Mellon.

Rigor, Rank and GPA are given more weight than test scores.

We know several people with low stats who got into CMU. One in Humanities the other in the Music program. I suppose it depends on a lot of factors, including which majors they need to fill.

They also give generous financial aid to those in need, however give ZERO merit if you do not qualify for financial aid. They do recruit underserved populations.

Most competitive programs include CS and Musical Theater.

It depends. The performing arts/music and art/design departments base admission to a large degree on portfolio or audition, so standardized tests are less important than they are for other majors. Which test scores did he submit with his application?


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For math and chemistry at CMU a 1400 is very low. I think a 33 ACT is at the lower end of the admitted range for the entire school, including humanities which are less competitive. Were his test scores very skewed toward math?

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Let’s pray for good news!

He only took SAT once. I asked him to retake it. He didn’t want to. Well, that is nothing we can do sometimes.

Our son, J, wasn’t really interested in CMU when we started the admissions process, largely because of its reputation as a grind. He took the SAT once for score after doing several practice tests at home and having a tutor give him pointers on how to take the test, not the subject matter. He scored 770M/750E, which was a strong score for his target schools (RHIT, CWRU, Purdue), so we did not push him to take it again. Fast forward to today and CMU is one of his top picks after seeing the campus and hearing a MSU AO inadvertently plug it ("… go to CMU to innovate, but MSU will get you a job!""). If CMU were his top pick from the outset he would have applied ED and gone to SAT bootcamp to get his math score closer to 800.

School-specifec test score ranges for admitted students are available at Fact Sheet - November.pdf

Fine Arts ranges are lower, given the importance of the audition process, but are still quite high.

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Does CMU send out emails about their schools and programs. Mine got one today, looks very personalized with all her ECs connected well in that email.

Yes received an email about the college of engineering today. It did cover a lot of ground.

Yes. Received it too.

My DD received it too…

My son received it too. Which schools and programs?