Cars @ UVA???

<p>I am going to UVA next year and read that 1st years aren't allow to have cars. I was wondering if anyone is going to take their cars. Or for the people in UVA is it even possible to take a car your first year?</p>

<p>Thank in advance.</p>

<p>1st years aren't allowed and you won't have a parking spot.</p>

in my brother's first year he wrote a letter to ..someone? and requested a parking spot because he wanted to play golf (not on the team, just to play, practice, whatever) and explained the situation about how the golf course is 5 miles away or something, too far to walk, taxis are expensive, no place to store his bag, etc.
and he got one!
however, he ended up not really playing golf a lot but still driving places because he filmed sports games and stuff. my mom was hesitant to let him bring it's really not necessary and she didn't want him loaning the car to anyone. but of course, my brother won that argument.</p>

<p>so pretty much, you really don't need one but if you really want to and can convince someone that you need it, they'll let you.</p>

<p>Jsut being nosy but...JMIONE1 were you accepted ED or Echols or are some decision out now?</p>

<p>It is very difficult to take your car first year, unless you get an exemption from the school. The parking ladies are out in full force everyday around grounds and all the surrounding parking in the city requires a permit. Some have tried parking in parking lots at grocery stores but end up getting warned or towed.</p>

<p>NoelB05, I got in ED, but not Echols, I think RD is still April 1st</p>

<p>First year, no cars at UVa for the most part</p>

<p>first years can't have cars in Albemarle County - some funky law they passed a year or two ago, so if you don't have a valid exemption, i'm pretty sure they can ticket if they pull you over (Anyone want to confirm that? I hope its not just a rumor i heard). </p>

<p>The only way you can have a car is to get an exemption from UVa parking with a "valid" reason. Usually having a job far away works towards getting an exemption and more people seem to get exemptions second semester (maybe the parking staff is more lenient then?). </p>

<p>You don't need a car in C-ville first year, buses take you most everywhere you need to go. The only reason some people want cars to usually to go home on the weekends. I have several first year friends with cars that got exemptions, and they barely use then except going back to Richmond. I also know some people who hide theirs off grounds, but many have been towed or ticketed. Hiding it ongrounds is nearly impossible: the University Police love to ticket and will actually write a ticket, stand by your car and then put it on it at <i>exactly</i> 7:30AM when most spots on grounds become reserved again. Sometimes I wonder if they have too much free time.</p>

<p>If you need to get somewhere off grounds, first year you'll probably meet some 2nd and 3rd years with cars, or you can just bus/walk -- the buses tend to be pretty reliable. Getting back to NoVa, Va Beach, or Richmond is pretty easy any weekend (they run a bus called HomeRide) or you can probably meet some other people headed back that direction and grab a ride with them. </p>

<p>It's just a hassle to have a car first year, so my advice just leave it at home.</p>