Case Western Reserve Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Case Western Reserve Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 15

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When are admissions results expected to arrive by?

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Did everyone applied for RD receive an email that says to apply for full financial aid today?

We did not, however we sent all financial aid information (FAFSA and CSS) when S23 sent his RD application in. He has been receiving emails regarding planning visits, applying for scholarships, as well as online Q&A meetings with students and for School specific information which he has signed up fro a few because we have been unable to physically tour, just virtual.

Has anyone received an invite for an interview? Is this filtered or random like the Ivies?

Almost all deferred students got it

I interviewed with an AO before I even applied. I was actually on the fence about applying but the AO was so nice and the interview was so informative that it made me really excited to apply. If I recall correctly there was a place on the website to request an interview. I don’t know if it’s the same after submitting an application or if they will reach out to you now that you have applied, but I would recommend looking at the website to see if you can still request one.

Ok Thanks for the valuable info, CAGRL.

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Unfortunately, DS is so upset by the deferral he has no interest in scheduling the interview. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. If not, its his choice! Oh well.

My S23 was sent an email about interviewing … he’s a RD candidate. Hoping to work it in as we’ve been unable to visit in-person due to distance.

We are rd, got interview request as well

Did anyone here applied for the named merit scholarships?

No, I wanted to but it was the end of our semester and I was slammed with school. Plus SO TIRED of writing college essays. :sob: Did you apply? Good luck to you if you did!

My son grudgingly applied to one, but I doubt it will be effective since he was already feeling thoroughly burned out on applications when he wrote the essay :rofl:

Same story here! “Essay burnout syndrome!”

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My son also applied to one and kept texting me at work while writing the essay to tell me how bad his essay was turning out and that there’s no way he’s being selected for the generic essay he was writing, why is he bothering doing this, etc. I think I received 12 texts that afternoon, all showing his frustration. I’d say he’s a little burned out too!

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Trying to get my son to apply to outside scholarships that require essays right now and you would think I’ve asked him to walk over hot coals or turn his cell off off … he’s 0/2 in missing deadlines with 4 more due this week. Most of the prompts are - what to you plan to do in college/with your career? or what one event has shaped your college plans? He just cannot think of anything… bless his heart.

For Case Western’s National Merit Scholarship, does anyone know when you have to declare them as your first choice college by? Some colleges say by March 1 (before you know if you are admitted), other later like May.

Does Case consider declaration of first choice in their admission process for RD candidates?

does anyone know if demonstrated interest is still tracked even after you’ve already applied? I thought it was but I seen some people in the past say that it isn’t tracked after you’ve already applied.

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Considering the number of emails being sent, im GUESSING they still are.