Case Western Reserve University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for the Case Western Reserve University is November 1.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
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Not applying ED, applying EA → I’m planning on applying to BSMD program, but if I don’t get in I’m also applying to the neuroscience program.

3.98 UW/4.4 W, 1550 sat, 36 act, i am asian

ECs (purposefully vague)

  • Research Internship at T30 w/ publication
  • 6 review papers for international youth neuroscience publication, founded club for it @ school
  • boy scouts (eagle) ~ 200 hrs service
  • lab intern at a biotech startup
  • some national and regional medals at science olympiad, asst. coach
  • hospice volunteer ~ 100-150 hrs service
  • inventing an biomechanical analysis app w/ other highschoolers and grad students at a t20
  • part time job at a math tutoring facility
  • president of a health club at school, lots of outreach in community
  • some cultural stuff


  • eagle
  • research symposium grand award at t30
  • engineering project award
  • medals from scioly
  • 3rd place at a regional neuro competition

great essays so far (still polishing them up tho), letters of req will probably be 8-9/10 (bio teacher) & 6-7/10 (history teacher)

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S23 plans to apply to CWRU. We were looking at the CDS to try to figure out what SAT score would be worth submitting (he will be retaking on 10/1, previous score was 680 EBRW / 780 M). It looks like a relatively large number of attending students applied test optional? Any insight would be helpful.

Screenshot below is from

I think all the test optional for the last couple of years was because of COVID. But it appears that CWRU is continuing the test optional policy through 2024 as a trial. One wonders if the reported scores will skew higher as mostly those with high scores will report.

D23 applied EA to Case for Computer Science with hope of secondary major or minor in music (submitting music supplement.) GPA 97.2 UW / 102.7 W, SAT 1510 (780 V , 730 M) - submitted. 8 AP so far, 12 by graduation, ECs in both CS and music.

We went to an open house last spring and D really liked it - loved the neighborhood near all the cultural buildings and the lovely little park nearby. She also really liked how they’ve tailored their music program to work well even for students who have intensive STEM majors. Unfortunately tours of the ThinkBox were booked up even before we got there, but that is also an attraction. She’s got a virtual interview scheduled for next week, as they clearly value a lot of demonstrated interest. I have warned her that this school is a toss-up because their admissions are so unpredictable, but I know she’d really like them to come through in EA. :crossed_fingers:

@thermom Keep in there are some music scholarships for students like your daughter:

Arts Achievement Awards

A small number of scholarships of $10,000 per year are available to students who exhibit excellence in either music or studio art, regardless of whether they will major in those areas. All students who audition for the BA in Music or the BS in Music Education will be considered for these highly competitive scholarships. Students who do not intend to major in music can also be considered for an Arts Achievement Award by submitting the Music Arts Supplement.