Case Western Reserve University vs. Boston University vs. Santa Clara University

I am struggling to chooses between Case Western Reserve University, Boston University, and Santa Clara University. I was accepted to all three for engineering and each have their pros and cons. SCU definitely has the best location but is the lowest-ranked academically. BU is the highest-ranked academically but is also a larger school and doesn’t have a defined campus. Also, the dorms aren’t great and the weather isn’t ideal. CWRU is probably the worst location wise in my opinion but has good academics and I got the most scholarship from them. If anyone has any information about these schools please feel free to share on why or why not I should go to one of them

I disagree with you. CWRU has a great location. It is in University Circle a very vibrant part of Cleveland. It has lots of restaurants and cultural activities and it is near mass transit and the airport. It’s in an urban area but it has a well defined campus.

I was talking weather-wise and internship/job-wise

Yeah, the weather sucks but I would think Boston would’nt be that great either. I do not know anything about internship/jobs but I did see that a lot of companies recruit there.

Case Western Reserve University places highest from your group in USN engineering rankings and tied for first (with BU) from your choices in USN overall rankings.

Regarding climate, Cleveland registers temperatures three degrees warmer on January mornings than those of Boston.

@odion1776 similar struggle! CWRU vs BU vs Purdue. All good schools. Weather looks similar. Also considering Northeastern for coops. My sense is all good for education, but can’t get a great feel for any without visiting. Purdue seems to have the most college spirit. Looked a US News rankings, looked at rate my professor, doing the video tours… CWRU seems to have great connections with local industry, not sure what its connections are in california - since I would like to go back there. Any insight appreciated from your search or others experience.