Catholic Culture at St John's College?

<p>Is there much of one at the Annapolis campus? I doubt the school has a campus ministry, but is it easy to be Catholic there? Is there a small subgroup of devout students?</p>

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<p>I graduated from St. John’s 35 years ago. Know several tutors and have friends with children currently attending. The admissions office would be very happy to address your question. Or, you can go to the St. John’s FB page. As you know, St. John’s is totally nonsectarian. Students tend to be very individualistic with many interests. You probably will find some Catholic students there and you can always start an on campus group.</p>

<p>I currently attend the Annapolis campus of St. John’s as a sophomore, and though I’m not myself religious, there are multiple religious groups on campus. Those fitting Catholics include a Christian Fellowship, an after-seminar prayer group, a Bible Study Group, and perhaps more I don’t know about. As for your other specific questions above, there is a Catholic culture, and it seems close-knit, from what I observe. There is no campus ministry, in that you are correct. Talking to Catholics here, I’d say it’s no difficulty to be so on campus. There is a bit of a subgroup of the devout.</p>