My daughter is looking for a small/medium school not far from Chicago. She is considering Valparaiso University, however, we are Catholic and I was wondering if there are Catholic masses on campus and if the population of catholics is big. Do you also have to take theology or philosophy as a requirement like catholic colleges do ? I would appreciate any information or schools similar to Valpo that are catholic if you know of any.

I believe Valpo has a 3 credit theology requirement but obviously students are free to take as many theology courses as they’d like ; )

Almost all schools have a catholic student center either on or near campus.

Not sure how you feel about MN, but St. Olaf might be another school to consider. (Not Catholic though.)

What about Loyola or DePaul in Chicago if a Catholic education is important?

Thank you so much. we are also considering Loyola and DePaul, although they are a bit bigger.

My son attends Valpo and is Catholic. The Catholic church is literally across an alley from the school and easily attended (and there is a decent sized student population attending). They are required to take 2 theology courses - the upper level has several options and are not religion specific, my son is taking Philosophy of Religion. While the chapel on campus is Lutheran the Wednesday night “Celebrate” is open to all and my son enjoys it.

Thank you very much for the information.

@“Szkola#3” if you have any other specific questions about the school ask away - it might be best to PM me since I don’t frequent here. My son is a JR CS major with a math and philosophy minor but also has a wide range of friends from engineering to humanities.