cavalier network with your iPhone?

<p>Is it possible to connect to UVA's secure wireless network from the iPhone? I mean, I would like to be able to send personal stuff over the network without having to worry about eavesdropping on the 'wahoo' broadcast. Has ITC developed any solutions? </p>

<p>(I did remember an article about how to access 'cavalier' from Linux ... I guess the same technique might work?)</p>

<p>Mobile</a> Devices at UVa: Configuration Instructions</p>

<p>The first link is the one you want, and there are also instructions on how to connect your UVa Mail.</p>

<p>I believe there's the unsecured 'wahoo' network</p>

<p>The above link will allow you to connect your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to the secure network. It works just fine and is preferred over the non-secure Wahoo network which does not have 100% coverage.</p>