CBYX 2020-2021

Hey CBYX Applicants!! The 2020-2021 CBYX application went live today. I’m starting this forum so we can all support each other throughout what will be a lengthy process. Comment your questions or concerns if you’re applying, and your advice if you’re an alum. Can’t wait to talk to everyone!!

Hey I’m currently on program with AFS CBYX, if anyone has any questions or needs help in anyway, feel free to get in touch

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Hi! I’m also applying for CBYX AFS. What do you guys think of the application so far?

Super long, but hopefully will be worth it in the end. What state are you from?

I’m from MD, so right on the border. How about you? Did you guys send out teacher recommendations yet? I sent mine out a week ago, and one of my teachers said yes, but the other hasn’t responded :(. I might have to ask yet another teacher then!

Hey guys I just found this. I’m applying for CIEE Cbyx!!

Yay somebody else! What do you guys think of starting a group chat and helping each other with essays or something? idk

Hi there! I live in MN and am applying for CBYX-CIEE!

How are your applications going?

Hey everybody! I’m from CA, applying for CBYX-ASSE. I’m so glad to be able to talk to other people who’re applying, this seems like a great opportunity!

nice to see more people applying! did you guys finish your recommendations yet?

I sent my teachers the info a week or so ago and they both said they’d do it, so that’s all out of the way for now! I guess I’ll follow up again when the due date gets closer if they haven’t done the actual thing.

@cbyxbird did you end up asking someone new for a rec?

No, the teacher finally replied! Apparently she has graduate studies and was really busy so she couldn’t reply for a while. I went to my middle school to talk to her and she submitted it in front of me so that was great! Unfortunately, my other form of recommendation isn’t done yet.

Where are you on your essays @mogoesmoo

Hello! I’m applying through ASSE, I’m a senior in HS right now so if I get in I’ll take a gap year from university.

I actually got in the first time I applied (sophomore year, two years ago) but decided to do something else and ended up not going. So if anyone has questions regarding the application process (though it’s through different agencies, I’m pretty sure the process is the same for everyone, just managed by different people,) don’t be shy and lmk!!

It’s so cool you already got in! How did your interview go last time? What was it like, if you don’t mind sharing?


@cbyxbird how did you verify that the recommendations were submitted? just verbal verification from teachers or did you verify in another way?

Well one recommendation was submitted right in front of me, and the other teacher said he submitted it. In addition, I literally called CBYX and asked them - and they said both were submitted!!!

Oh ok! Where did you find the number to call?