CC and your LIFE. Yes, your LIFE.

<p>Does anyone else get high from reading posts on CC? Huh? Eh? :)
Has CC increased your misery and suffering with academics through high school, or has it helped you otherwise? Has it ruined your life to see people with uber-insane stats, or has it motivated you to push harder?</p>

<p>For me, reading posts makes me high. I mean, like screwy high. The kind of feeling where you want to throw your pencils in the air and scream, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"</p>

<p>CC has helped me by motivating me and letting me see how other intelligent kids fare in this game of college admissions. I've been able to evaluate stats and relate those stats to admissions decisions. It has increased my stress, but at the same time it has done me good because I feel enlightened with all of this college information that I was oblivious to before.</p>


<p>CC motivates me to do better. But also frustrates me when i see threads like: "Retake a 2390?"</p>

<p>I do not have a life. Therefore, I do not have CC. Alas, this is a contradiction, for I am on CC! Or is CC itself my life? Or is my life CC? Are the mysteries of life contained within these message boards?</p>

<p>Something's wrong here ;)</p>

<p>Yeah that's just a waste of time. Either the person is fishing for compliments and flattery or he/she is really REALLY obsessed. Unnecessarily obsessed. It is frustrating, but if it's just because they're so into it that the difference between a 2400 and a 2390 is so horrendous to them then I feel sorry for them.</p>

<p>It's threads like those that make me glad that I joined CC after I heard back from colleges or else I don't think I would have been able to take the pressure, but yeah, had I actually found CC earlier I don't think I would have been any more motivated because I was already doing all that I could do [or perhaps better stated - all that I wanted to do], so I just would have stuck the course, but luckily everything's all over and now I can attempt to help others with college questions :)</p>

<p>CC makes me laugh at how insane some of these overachievers are. This is going to be the generation of kids with the most insane mid-life crisises.</p>

<p>This is scary</p>

<p>^ agreed. </p>

<p>If I had to worry about getting into a college, reading some of the threads on CC really would have freaked me out.
It does make me sometimes wish that I had done a little more earlier in high school (clubs, more homework) but oh well, everything is working out just fine anyway.</p>

<p>I got used to the intense competition of all of it. It is quite insane.
I don't mind having my life cut a bit short from CC. :)</p>

<p>some of the posts on CC do definitely push me to a higher level. Others just tick me off</p>

<p>I actually got very useful things from CC. I never knew that it's alright to send e-mails to profs directly to ask for research internships etc...</p>