CC Font Size Changes

Based on the last poll as well as specific feedback, it was clear that many members found the original type size too small. It was also clear that a lot of members were happy with it. Due to a combination of different monitor resolutions and differences in visual acuity, there’s probably no “perfect” size.

So, we have made some code changes to do the following:

  1. Make the default size for most of the text a little bigger.
  2. Allow our members to adjust the size in their browser. 90% of our members use Internet Explorer, which did not allow resizing before. Now a member can select “View - Text Size” in IE and increase or decrease the size of the type. (Selecting “smaller” should produce something close to the size when the new forum launched.)
  3. We bumped the line spacing a little bit to make posts more readable. Under some viewing conditions, the original line spacing was somewhat close.

So, let us know what you think.

Uh it looks the same to me (mozilla browser), but I liked the font size when it opened, so I’m happy!

i really like the new font, its purdy. and it is easier to read than the original font.

In Safari, the new font almost seems smaller than the old one. Fine by me though, my eyes are good.

In IE, the font is way smaller. my eyes hurt.

It is larger for me in IE. Good job!!!

Great improvement! Thanks very much. This is much better.

Thank you!

I like the size but not the font. Was the last font sans serif?

I like being able to adjust the font size. Good job

how do I adjust font size?

on IE you can go

View -> Text Size

to adjust the size

Kinshasa - The font (Verdana as primary) hasn’t changed.

Babybird87 - the only circumstance under which I can imagine that you would see a smaller font is if IE is set to a smaller than normal font. Go to View - Text Size and make sure you aren’t set to “smaller” or “smallest”.

To be honest, I can’t tell much of a difference. It’s fine the way it is though :slight_smile:

It’s too small on 1152x864, but I do acknowledge that this is an uncommon resolution. If it suits the majority, then I’ll just have to buy a magnifying glass to surf CC with. :slight_smile:

Sodfather, try bumping the size by clicking View, then Text Size in Internet Explorer.

Doesn’t changing the text size in your browser affect ALL text sizes on other webpages too, not just on I feel that the text is too large now - i preferred it the way it was, when the new forum first opened - but I appreciate your efforts to try to adapt to the user’s wants.

WAY better for me…thank you!

I must be dumb but I do not notice a change since yesterday on my screen.

If your browser text size was set to “smaller”, you might not notice a change.