Format Changes

While I’m on my Dell laptop and using the site my screen format changes from this:

to this

Is there any way to keep it at the top screen format? I find the other one very difficult to deal with and either exit or reload CC when it pops up (which is often)


That’s been happening to me for months and months on end. It just switches back and forth with no rhyme or reason.


It’s been happening to me for months too. If I scroll down too far in the latest list the top half of my screen changes to the “busy” version. I usually just click on bookmarks or some other tab and then back to latest tab and it resets it for me.

Yes…it has been happening for a long time for me as well.

Intermittently happening here. No rhyme or reason. Just happens. If I go to some other forum, it seems to reset. On my iPad.

I’ll take a screen shot next time it happens.

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@CCAdminMike It is jumping to the second format (which I find difficult to read) more and more often (often after I open one thread and go back to the Latest Posts). I find myself just exiting the site as it is annoying to refresh so constantly to get back to a format I can read easily.

@CCAdminMike me too. And this is what I’m talking about. The card view is more difficult to read for me.

When did this card view start on this forum? And why?

This morning, for the first time in a few days, I didn’t have to switch to classic view! Hope that continues.

I believe the card view format is supposed to appeal to younger CC users who prefer a Reddit style set up. Is this what the card view is about? Mike posted this in November:


I think there should be an opt out for folks who don’t want this card view. Or at least…when I set it to classic view, I should be able to expect it to stay there.

When they did the beta test, did they get feedback from all age groups before they rolled it out!

And this starts this morning…


I also just got a weird screen when I opened CC. Look at the top of the screenshot.

I had to get to the forum by scrolling down until I got to this part of the screen. I clicked on the button here, but notice how the formatting at the top is still messed up. I use an Ipad by the way. It wasn’t like this earlier this morning.

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Another roll out of a change that clearly no one actually tested or looked at across platforms. Opened home screen to jibberish and inability to find the forums. If I didn’t know to type in - I couldn’t type this message to let you know that you have broken your site yet again. Chrome browser on laptop. Adios.

Me too but it went away and hasn’t come back…so far.

Mine is also back to normal.

This problems continues to exist for me frequently. Very annoying.

This is happening with increasing frequency today making the site pretty unusable for me.

@happy1 messaging you directly to get some details…