Card view….again…

@CCAdminMike I switched to Lite Mode and haven’t switched back. This is what I got when I just went to open this site. You said if I used Lite Mode (which I can’t stand, by the way), I would not see card view again.

Well…something must be wrong…again…because here is what I got when I opened this site. Using IPad and Safari.

I will add…when I was logged in by simply choosing community from the hamburger…this didn’t change automatically to classic view. I had to switch it myself. So…what’s happening there now?

If you don’t want to see card view set your bookmark to be:

That should ensure you never see the card view as long as you are logged in. We’re working on getting resources available to make sure the classic view works consistently across all devices.

ETA. Classic view works just fine on my devices once I choose it. I would like to have the ability to choose this as my preferred view. And opt out of card view forever.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Thank you for trying to get this straightened out. Classic view was the default forever, it seemed. Then all of a sudden this card view appeared. I’ve don’t everything you have suggested…and now I have a second icon on my iPad screen for what you just suggested.

I really would also like to get out of this Lite mode at some point as well. I don’t like the font, and the notices on threads I’ve posted on are inconsistent….IOW, I do not see a little number for these threads and some don’t even come up on latest threads even though they are (whenever there is an unread post on financial aid, I open it…and usually it’s later posted than most of the latest posts listed.

I’m not sure what exactly you folks are doing on your end, but it’s frustrating to think I’ve “solved” whatever issue there is only to have it return.


I cannot stand the card view! Why does anyone like it?

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I have literally never gotten the card view, except maybe one time when I sought it out to see what so many people were talking about. Possible differences:

  • I have “light” selected in my interface preferences (I actually prefer it, but I understand not everyone does).
  • I go directly to “” not the parent site.
  • I stay logged in, don’t normally clear cookies or history.
  • I have an ad blocker on my main device, but even when I’m using a different device/browser, I don’t see Card View.

Maybe that will help someone? As before, I’m offering to help @CCAdminMike with troubleshooting if he wants to compare my account to the ones that are reporting the issue.


I also have Lite selected…

I want to emphasize…I have done nothing different on my end. Things go along just fine for a while and then suddenly there is an unexpected change.

These are my exact settings and experience. On either iPhone or PC/Surface. ETA: Safari or Chrome.

I’ve never seen card view except in the screenshots shared here.

Hopefully more information on the user experience will help the Admins track down the issues others are experiencing.

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I rarely get the card view too, but it’s not a big deal when I do.

I also have always gone to, and use keystrokes to navigate (like pressing G and L to go to the latest thread). I am mostly on a mac powerbook pro using firefox.

I’m using an IPad 8 with current IOS. I seldom use a computer for this site.

I’m thinking my issue is that I use a mobile device…but don’t a lot of people use tablets or their phones?

I will add. Card view makes this site unusable on my phone.

I think someone said card view was added because younger posters wanted more of a list format. I still think an opt out shouldn’t be a big deal.