I do NOT want card view

What can I do so that I NEVER see card view again? I’ve had to reset to classic view three times today on my iPad. I always have to reset to classic view on my iPhone.

I don’t want card view….ever. I want only classic view.

Can you fix this so that I can choose to NEVER have card view


I will add…the last time there was a choice between classic view and something else…the old classic view was discontinued. Please tell me this is not your plan.

And in addition to getting card view…again…I also have a nice video on the lower corner…again.


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I’ll take a look Monday @thumper1. You should be able to choose classic view and it should stick on iPad, iPhone, and whatever device you have.

Ok…so I went and did wordle. And when I came back to CC, it was again in card mode. Then i click on the little hamburger, and as you can see from this, it’s still in card mode…and it thinks I’m not logged in. BUT when I hit “community” I’m logged in.

Is that the issue…CC thinks I’m not logged in? And that’s why I’m seeing card mode? How can I fix THAT?

I have to manually do the switch to classic mode each time this happens.

Then don’t leave to do WORDLE :rofl:

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@CCAdminMike just adding….when I hit the log in I’m still in card view…but logged in. Then if I hit community sometimes it goes to classic view. Other times, I need to manually switch to classic view.

I can’t believe I’m the only person experiencing this!

@CCAdminMike no card view today at all! And no ads to X out either.

I am getting card view and ads that i have to x out every.single.time. It is annoying. I am signed in.

I’m still getting card view on my iPhone…and I don’t want that. Can there please be an opt out for card view?