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Was latests posts taken off the list of options when you log into CC? If so, why? can it be restored? @CCAdminMike

Also, I continue to have issues with the format changing when I’m in CC as described in my earlier post. I have screenshots on that post. Format Changes


I can see “latest posts” on a PC when I choose from the menu bars. I still have problems with jumping screens, randomly being logged off and the format changes you mention.

And I hate LITE format. But it seems to be the only way to keep from getting card view which I hate even more.

I think the name just got changed to “thread reply activity” from “latest posts”? Please confirm that is the case @CCAdminMike

But yes…issue of format changing continues (either with increasing frequency or I’m just getting more annoyed each time) and definitely limits my time on CC – I get tired/frustrated with constantly getting in and out of the site to get the format back to the way I can read it comfortably.

@happy1 i don’t see “thread reply activity” anywhere. I’m using an iPad, and I get latest (adding I don’t want that…but can get to the screen with latest on one side and categories on the other by clicking rhe CC icon).

I had the issue if this site switching to card view every single time I changed anything….which was annoying. Card view is not what I want and I do believe there should be an opt out that doesn’t require using Lite mode which has a different font, and seems like a different interface altogether.

I’m using lite mode…which I hate (oh….did I say that already), and when I hit the hamburger, I get “latest” where “communities” used to be…

Here is what I see:

Nothing has changed - Latest posts should still be available in the menu. Is it possible for you to send me a screenshot of Latest posts being missing? I don’t see that on my screen.

I think the name was changed to “Thread Reply Activity”

I also still see latest posts as thumper does too. An alternate way to get to latest posts is to simultaneously press keys G and L, and that’s where you will end up!

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On a desktop, you can also hit a 2-key combination to go a bunch of different places quickly:

Press one key, then the other sequentially.


Wow, you learn something new everyday. Thanks.