Latest odd format on CC

Does anyone else have a latest thread page that looks like this?


Yes, this frequently appears on my screen.

That was happening to me earlier in the week but it went back to normal.


I get those things under posts sometimes!

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It’s still happening. And frequently.

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once so far

Yes, when I go back to the list from a thread, one screen-length of posts gets like that often.


Well…maybe they are fixing something as I no longer see the admissions calculator or little heart next to my avatar!

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Still happening. Very discouraging.

Me too. Actually seems to be happening more frequently.

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That and the large ads on the left blocking everything.


I have a feeling that the two issues are related.

both happening for me- the ads are so annoying, have to click on it every time to make it go away


Hey everyone (was out of pocket for a family thing last week) - thanks for this report, I’ll have the team take a look at it.

It looks like the OP is on iPad, can I get a few more responses on if you are desktop, tablet, or mobile?

Is there any way to get it to show up consistently or is it completely random?

It shows up when I click on the “latest” tab, I read a thread and then click on latest again. Or I click on latest and then click on it again right away. The second time it refreshes the list looks like the screen shot I posted. Happens consistently.

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As @bjscheel and @vpa2019 say, it seems to happen when going back to the Latest list after reading a thread. I’m not sure if it is happening every time, but it is at least happening very frequently - just happened a moment ago, which is why I clicked on this thread. I am on a laptop.


I also encounter multiple problems when posting numbered lists. The issue with lists has been occurring for months now.