Latest odd format on CC

FWIW, I am still having this problem today and it now seems to be occurring even when I am just scrolling through the Latest Posts list, without moving from a thread to the list. Hopefully this is like cleaning out a junk drawer, where the situation always gets worse before it gets better.

Can you tell me what browser you are using? Chrome? Safari? I’ve been unable to replicate this so far…

Safari for me.

First time I click on latest threads

Second time I click on latest thread. And every time thereafter unless I click on a different tab like bookmarks, then if I click back on latest thread it will give me the clean version again.


Yes, I think this is when it is happening, at least today. @CCAdminMike , what I just did was click on Latest in the three-bar menu at the top of the page, which opened the Latest list in normal format. And then I clicked on Latest in the three-bar menu again, and it opened in the problematic format.

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But then again, I just had it flip from one format to the other while I was looking at the list. Everything sent within the last two hours flipped to the problematic format, and everything older than that stayed in the original format.

I can consistently reproduce the odd format just by scrolling with the mouse wheel. It affects the first few dozen threads (but not all) under the “Latest Activities”.

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This is all very helpful - thanks for helping me track it down. I’ll let the team know and report back.

UPDATE: We were able to reproduce! Now to figure out what is going on…

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I finally got this nonsense. Ipad 8. Using Safari.

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