Page Jumping?

Haven’t seen anyone else complain but if I’m reading a thread with a lot of updates to read, it frequently suddenly jumps back several posts. Not always the one that I started with, but will sometimes jump repeatedly to the same post. Using Chrome.


It happens to me quite a bit too, also on Chrome - and a laptop. I think it’s due to ads loading. Regardless, it’s frustrating. I just haven’t had enough energy to start a thread on it. I keep hoping it will fix itself. Glad you started a thread though!


Happens to me all the time when I’m on my phone. I’ve mentioned it a number of times and nothing has been done so I’ve basically given up.


Happens to me all the time - very annoying. Am using Chrome on a macbook.

All the time and we’ve raised the issue before and it hasn’t been addressed.

I have no jumping on macbook pro and firefox. Sometimes jumping on iphone.

Happens to me as well, using Firefox on a laptop

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I have been having that issue. So annoying!!!

This is a well-known problem. We’ve tried many, many things to fix it, to no avail (I’ve not announced all the attempts to fix it). Our latest attempt is to swap out the entire ad library. That will be done in the next few weeks. You likely won’t see a difference in ad placement or function, but hopefully any random jumping will be minimized.


I have also whined about this repeatedly. It’s very annoying to be reading a post and have the whole thread shift to some other random post.

Thank you for trying to fix it.

Happening to me also. Badly. On my ipad.

This is happening to me all the time on my laptop! Often jumping back 50 or more posts. It is super annoying and about to make me give up CC if it’s going to take that much effort just to read a thread. Having to continually keep scrolling all the way down to find where you were before the jump just takes too much time and energy. Any update on whether a fix is coming any time soon?


It is also happening when clicking on a thread from the main list. I expect to read about something but an entirely different thread opens, usually just above or below the one I think I am clicking. It must be jumping just as my finger hits the screen but it is super annoying.

Also, with some long posts, it is jumping while I am reading and it I can’t seem to get it stop long enough to see the line or two it is hopping around - either it shows lines above or lines below but keeps missing sections. I scroll up, it jumps down or I scroll down and it jumps up.

We have a change coming Monday morning that we hope will alleviate this issue! I have all my fingers and toes crossed…


Agree…and it’s getting worse not better. It took me a long time to read one long thread new posts because the page kept jumping up to where I had started…and there were more than 50 new and some lengthy posts.

Pleas, please get this fixed.



Can anyone on this thread report back if you noticed page jumping today? If you haven’t, let me know the next time you see it.

So far so good. Just tried a thread with 400+ updates and no jumping.


No page jumping today!

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Still jumping for me - iPhone.

Still some sporadic jumping on my iPad, not every thread and not every time but still occasionally.

In addition to that, I am having an issue on some threads with massive amounts of blank space when scrolling through posts. The post number stays the same as I move the scroll bar, so it isn’t missing posts just massive amounts of white space.

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