The screen keeps jumping on my mobile device!

UPDATE 12/10/20: We’ve pushed a change that makes this unnecessary. Check out the mobile view and let us know what you think!

We’re tracking down the issue on the screen moving on its own on mobile devices. Until we have a permanent fix, try this on your mobile device to see if it helps:

  1. Tap the 3-line “hamburger” menu in the upper right.
  2. Tap on “Desktop View”

We should have the screen jumping resolved next week sometime, but hopefully this helps on your device in the meantime. Thanks for your patience!


It’s most likely a page break issue and that should be investigated.

Why your fixing that having a full screen to type into on a Pixel 3a would be nice…

It seems to happen both when trying to type and also when Ads are loading.

I’m glad you specified the details about “desktop view” being in this site’s “hamburger menu”. Up to this point, when I’ve read suggestions to try “desktop view” on mobile devices, I thought they were referring to the browser option - “request desktop view” or whatever it’s called now. That option (the site-specific one) does help on mobile for me - makes it more like what I’m trying to get used to on the desktop - but I’m holding off on trying to do much on my phone until some more of the kinks get worked out. Hoping to get to a point where my battery doesn’t drain before my eyes.

Also, I had a hard time figuring out where to come to give this feedback. There are quite a few threads with comments and Q&A’s on the new features, and the admins seem to be replying to all of them, but not consistently. Have you considered consolidating all the “new site” comments and questions into one thread?