Now what March 11!


Ok…what’s up? I am using lite mode as you suggested (don’t like the font, but at least I don’t have to switch from card view to classic view).

This morning, this site is glitchy. When I get into the site, I can’t use the bar to move to the posts on any thread. I can’t get back to the main page at all….when I hit the hamburger, and see latest (instead of communities like in the other mode), I tap that and nothing happens at all. When I tap the CC logo, it used to take me back to the main page with categories on one side and latest on the other. Not today.

I had to exit out of the site and start all over to get here when I could send you this message.

So….now what.?

Why does the word research hyperlink to a marketing page?

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Also, during this admission season, can we lift the daily limit on “likes”?


Just letting you know….my today issues no longer are issues!

Good! We are turning up capacity this month so that we can minimize these kinds of issues.

Occasionally a partner will sign a deal with CC to sponsor a particular keyword when mentioned on the forums.

Yes! Limit is now 500. If you like more than that, PM me and I will award you a special badge!



What about my issue with trying to put a name in the “to” box using the search? Just now…it took me six attempts to add a screen name despite that I clicked on that name to add.

Also, yesterday related, when I do these searches for messages, this forum puts a name of a poster below for me to choose…I guess which has zero to do with what I’m looking for (no overlap in letters)

And…I just took six tries to send a message to someone…and definitely chose the correct screenname…but some random other name went in instead. Luckily I noticed, deleted that one and added the correct one!


Did I really use 500 likes yesterday? I can use emojis instead but clicking the like button is easier. I feel that it is important to support those who share their admissions decisions and stats. It is part of what keeps this site alive.

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