Now what!?!

I’m having major issues this morning. This is what things are looking like for me. I have words super imposed over each other, I’m signed in but keep seeing the “complete your registration” page.



Me too. It’s pretty clear the site’s management likes “dancing baloney” more than they like testing. :wink:

Same. It’s always something. I stick around but the site has many technical issues.

Same issue for me. It’s super annoying and makes it hard to use the site.

Same issue. Sometimes it seems that their software people are wannabe designers, not engineers, and so feel like they need to improve the “aesthetic” ever so often. However, they seem to have little interest in improving the functionality or the user experience.

Oh, I just “completed the registration” for fun, to see what would happen. Nothing happened.


Good. I wasn’t planning on completing the registration - this site has no need to associate my real name with my birthday.

Who said anything about real name and birth date :smiley:


Same. iPad on 15.4.1

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I’ll report this to the engineering team!


Thank you!

Just an FYI that I’m still having the same issues this morning from my laptop. No way to close out that “one more step to complete your registration” window. The “X” doesn’t do anything.

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@momofboiler1 can you try from an incognito window? In. Safari it’s called “private mode”. That will tell me if the problem might be some corrupted cache files being stored on the computer.

same. Very annoying

Just to be contrarian, I’m using a Chromebook to access CC and am having no problems at all.

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It happens for me in incognito mode, same as in my regular browser.

No difference in private mode @CCAdminMike

Still a problem…

I have had the same annoying issue since November 2021 when the pop-up mysteriously appeared. I subsequently contacted the CC computer guy for assistance. Status remains the same.
Each time I log in, the registration page is there. I’ve typed “Delete Delete” in first two boxes (for months) in a futile attempt to remove it from my screen.

We’re having trouble reproducing the issue and May roll back a couple of changes we made recently. I’ll post here when I know more.

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Whatever you rolled back, worked. The issue is gone for me this morning.

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