Now what’s going on?

Ok…so I came back to read…and I had to log in. While I was reading,mi guess I was logged out…so I had to log in again.

Plus, threads I have read are showing as having unread posts despite me “reading them” three or four times.

What’s up now!


I had 99 notifications of updated posts - each with a pencil then the word “system”. I tried the search function and it said that the site was going through a major load and that search was unavailable.


I also got a note saying there was high demand…


Oh…and I had to type Mikes screenname…

And when I tried to send…I got this…

Tried to edit my post above to say that when searching it said, “Site is under extreme load, search is disabled, try again later” It wouldn’t let me edit and then kicked me off saying “Bad Gateway 503”

Me too.

No inside info, but my guess is that ED/EA deadlines being Monday have resulted in increased traffic.

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The ads are now huge again….even when I’m logged in. BIG ad atthe top of the screen.

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And now this…

The ads are taking a long time to load. If I stay logged onto CC, and open up another tab to research something, my computer is extremely slow. If I log out of CC, it operates normally.

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I got the bad gateway message this morning too.

Looks like we are stable now, there was a infrastructure event - we are investigating what happened. I’ll post when I know more.


Thank you! Was not able to log on at all until now today….seemed like an extension of whatever started yesterday. @CCAdminMike

Last night there were messages that there was too much traffic and they were showing as if we weren’t logged in, but my “T” was in the circle and my unread threads really were mine. But there were ads. Then it said to log in. Then it wouldn’t let me. Then it relogged me in without doing anything. But there were ads…

This morning? Still a little weird.

Looks like server overload issues… It’s been spotty the last few days

Site wasn’t working this morning. Luckily I finished helping students with essays, just before the dysfunction. Today is a deadline for a lot of people.

I couldn’t get on for nearly 24 hours. Also have the 99 unread messages note.

Hoping this isn’t a new UI “feature.

Yes that’s happening again.