Now what is going on?

Now what? I’ve been getting this intermittently. Also when opening threads, I get the page that says the page no longer exists.


Same for me and the giant stacked ads are still popping up on and off.

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And I’ve received bad gateway and 502 error messages all day…on and off.


The message on my iPad says that my browser no longer supports CC.

I couldn’t get on at all last night for hours.


That’s right…and before I couldn’t log on at all, this was more than sluggish with a blue banner saying that due to high volume, we were seeing this like those not logged in. In addition, while typing responses, the text box reloaded often. I finally gave up.

There are going to be a number of high volume days as more RD acceptances come in. Surely this was anticipated…



I’m pretty sure that high traffic volume is causing the issue.

Same for me… sluggish performance throughout the day, lots of reloads, then finally the 502 error so I gave up for the night.

Have we seen any updates about what, if anything, is being done to address the capacity limitations? Or is this to be expected on high volume days?

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The team increased server capacity as a result of the issues last night. We should be good for Ivy Day!


Thank you!