Is something wrong with CC today?

I’m having a terrible time with certain threads not opening, or crashing. Just tried to send a PM to someone and noticed I was stranded in the message with a “saving” indicator going round and round in the bottom of my screen. Then I got some weird error message saying something about the message being seen by all?

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I’ve been having problems too. For a long while this morning I kept getting a “bad gateway” message and couldn’t get on at all. My notifications for bookmarked and watched threads aren’t working correctly either.


Same for me.

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We are definitely having infrastructure problems with CC today. We’re working to resolve them. Thanks for your patience!


@CCAdminMike thanks for the update!


Is that ad/offer supposed to be there?

I’ve been seeing that college vine banner for quite some time.

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Yes, CollegeVine advertising has become quite prevelant.

I was having similar issues yesterday on my iPad (Bad Gateway, expired certificate warnings) but today seems normal.