Problems the last 48 hours

Is it just me or are others experiencing problems on CC? For the last two days the site has been super slow, I keep getting bad gateway messages, and can’t find page errors. Yesterday I couldn’t get on at all for a few hours.

I’m also finding that response boxes are staying open even after I’ve already posted.


same here…

I received a bad gateway message for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. No other problems.

Many times, annoying.

Glad it’s not just me. And now, I keep getting notified of new messages that I’ve already seen/read.

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Me too

Well…I think the whole site was down from about 8:00 PM to just now (8:58).

Why? @CCAdminMike

That explains it. I’ve been trying to get on for the past two hours and just got on now.

Yep, for me too.

Whoa, I stayed logged on while I did something else and came back to find a new format/layout for the community home page. When I went to the menu on the top right, it brought me back to the old format. Could this by why the site has been down and so slow lately?