CC Font size poll

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<p>It's certainly too small for the Parents Forum! We're too old to read such small print!</p>

<p>I like on the one hand that more fits on a page on the screen than on the old forum but the print is too small. Maybe a happy medium between the old way and this way?

<p>If only the Presidential election process was this simple......</p>

<p>you can change the font on your browser to be larger OR
I just move the screen closer to my face!</p>

<p>emeraldkitty, thanks for starting off my day with a smile with your 'moving the screen closer to your face' comment. That was cute and applies to me, too! :)</p>

<p>Just a little larger would be nice, but then I have to use my drugstore glasses anyway! The format and font are very clear, so font size matters less than it otherwise might.</p>

<p>I'd prefer a notch bigger too.</p>

<p>Font sizes on all Web sites need to be resizable. It appears that currently CC doesn't implement the industry-standard way to allow user resizing of fonts on ALL pages on the site. See </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>for much research on Web site usability.</p>

<p>I prefer the same font size without change! this way I can read and reply using my computer at work and they think I am reading and typing a report!!!!! HA!</p>

<p>One of the main things I miss about the old forum is its generously sized font. My eyes are aging rapidly, and the tiny font on this new forum makes it so that I can't read as many of the posts on CC as I use to. If you could do something about that, Roger, I'd really appreciate it!</p>

<p>Another vote here for a larger font size! Moderators, hope you are reading this thread!</p>

<p>I like this size -- reading glasses working well here! -- but agree that user resizing capability is the way to go.</p>



<p>Sorry, but at my age I need to move the screen farther away!!:) I vote for a slightly larger font size....not too much bigger, but a little.</p>

<p>I just noticed that the print is larger. These old eyes of mine thank you</p>

<p>Font size is perfect.</p>

<p>Just don't get any smaller...</p>

<p>Big improvement!</p>