CC Forums Migration: Known issues + Status Update

Here is a list of all the known issues (those that have scheduled post-migration, as well as those reported by the community). We’ll be updating the status as we get updates from the team.

  • Missing bookmark - these will be imported from the old site as soon as possible
  • Missing private messages (PMs) - these will be imported from the old site as soon as possible
  • Missing reactions (agrees, helpfuls, likes) - these will be imported from the old site as soon as possible
  • Missing post views (PMs) - these will be imported from the old site as soon as possible
  • Missing avatars - if you are missing your avatar, please re-upload it by taking the steps here
  • @mentions are currently not linking to user profiles (but you will still get a notification when someone mentions/tags you) - this is currently being worked on by the team
  • special characters are not allowed in usernames and have been changed to underscores (_); if your name was changed because of the import and you’d like to change to something else, please use the contact form to let us know
  • some links are not redirecting correctly - this is currently being worked on by the team
    *performance issues/site slowness - database servers increased to help with site performance, but the team is still looking into other solutions for performance-related reports
  • formatting issues in posts - the team is working on applying a fix for all posts
  • ads blocking reply button - the ads team is working on solving all issues
  • vertical scroll on long threads not displaying the bottom end; this makes navigation within a thread very difficult - this is currently being worked on by the team
  • seeing duplicate posts - we believe this is a server issue, but the team is still investigating it
  • not all threads display new comments correctly - flagged this to the tech team
  • when one character is deleted, a whole sentence disappears - flagged this to the tech team
  • the “Back” button does not always take you to the page you where on, but to the last discussion - flagged this to the tech team

Choppy and slow entering of text. When one character is deleted, a whole sentence disappears!


This is a great idea to post what your working on and known issues. Thank you.

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So these very important issues will be fixed after the ones that are “currently being worked on by the team”? That is disappointing.

@CTTC, the imports were initially scheduled for after the migration, but since then we are faced with some very urgent problems like the performance issues, broken redirects, or post formatting bugs. I honestly don’t yet have a clear timeline as the team is working at full capacity to improve the user experience on the site. Will update once I hear more.

Thanks for the list of known issues. This probably comes under the “performance” category, but in case you need specifics: Moments after going to the CC website, I get the message “This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.” I have to then leave CC because if the page is open, everything else on my laptop is slowed down significantly.

A minor issue I’ve noticed is that when I write a PM, the emojis show in the text box, but disappear from my message after I hit reply.


No topics for the Washington and Lee forum. There were a ton prior to the update.

@CCadmin_Sorin Thank you for sharing this information and updating it as progress is made. I have only been on CC for a few months so do not have the experience with the old site that other users may. I am slowly figuring my way around and see features I think I will like once some of the bugs are worked out, but the two most challenging issues:

  • Performance! (which is on your list)
  • Lack of visibility of the Topic title (which is not on your list) I often leave CC open while working on other things. When I return I don’t always remember which thread I’m on. It is frustrating having to scroll back through all the posts to the top to see that. Which brings us back to performance issues. :slight_smile:

ETA: It looks like the formatting has been fixed! Note the bold and the emoji show in the post. Woohoo, you can strikethrough an item on your list!


There were two forums:

  • Washington and Lee
  • Washington & Lee

The topics are in the second one, so I removed the first. Please see: Washington & Lee University - College Confidential Forums - Admission Forum Discussions and Threads

Thanks for the report!

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This problem seems particularly bad on phones and tablets. We’re testing a change that might help. Some people might find it helps to hide the preview. That said, this is a problem we will continue working on.

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The scroll bar seems to be working better on my iPad. I went from post 1 to post 1838 in a second!

Typing this message is not choppy at all (iPad user). And when I delete one character, only one character disappears!

Woohoo, and thank you.


So if I want to go to the end of a very long thread, right now I have to scroll through hundreds of posts. Are you going to put page numbers back in or arrows to go forward and back, or a “last page” button? I wanted to post on a thread with 845 posts already and gave up. I know you are working on this.


My avatar from CC not imported but rather one I use on other platforms. Also the continual loading of ads makes the site very slow unresponsive and hard to use

I also can’t unlike a post I accidentally liked. Is this on purpose or is this a glitch?

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Tried to download an archive of all my posts. Got a reply saying

However, there is no download link!

ETA: I got an email that contained a valid link, it’s the post on the site that doesn’t have a link.

This is an issue across many links. The developers are working on a fix. Glad the email had the link, though.

I tried putting a smiley in a reply and it did not show up.

I tried putting a link (to a CC post) in a reply and it was not a hyperlink. It was in the preview, but not in the post.